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The EDGE has not only made me stronger and given me more control, it's giving me a new level of confidence. I hit harder with greater consistency and my serve is huge! Nicole M. - TX

CRAIG BELL - The EDGE Power Trainer is a "no brainer" for your tennis bag.  Scott has developed a very unique, easy to use training device for player's of every level!  If you don't have an EDGE Power Trainer in your tennis bag,  I highly recommend you doing so very soon! 

Director of Tennis Bent Tree  Country Club - Dallas, TX

Garrett Vinson - USPTA / PTR

The EDGE Power Trainer is our new go to training device for all level of players. We use it daily in our private and group lessons and I personally use it. We highly recommend it to all of our students, players and teaching pros!  

Joseph Castillo - USTA Mens 4.0 TX

I can't say enough about the EDGE Power Trainer, if you want to improve your power on your serve and groundstrokes this is the best training device for any level player. This will make you tournament and match play ready. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain it's 100% guaranteed! 

Anthony Denver - USTA Mens 5.0 TX

The EDGE POWER TRAINER is a innovative and powerful strength training apparatus. It will put you to the test in your side to side baseline workouts and volley drills. Scott has simple yet effective cone drill videos on the website to start any player off in the right direction. I have found just a few minutes a day in my house or on the court has made a significant difference.

Jimmy Kavadas - R.T.P - Registry of Tennis Professionals International (Asia)

Scott, Not only does the EDGE Power Trainer look great. It never seems to amaze me, a simple set up gives such a great great importance of practicing shadow swings strokes for muscle memory.

Mathew Ellis - Director of Tennis AMSTAR GROUP

Scott, WOW what a incredible difference the EDGE Power Trainer can make in a tennis training experience. Our players can't say enough about the difference in the workouts and results.    

As a teaching professional we are always looking to find new ways to enhance a young players swing speed and control. I found the EDGE is the best tool to use. Not only have I seen my kids hitting harder but have a renewed level of confidence and eagerness to practice and play matches. Kevin Springer - Miami, FL

The EDGE POWER TRAINER is by far the best training device we have ever used for strength training and increasing racquet head swing speed. Simulating the cone drills Scott has posted online will put any level player to the test. Paul J.- Springfield, MA 

I have to say the "EDGE" shadow swing training has completely transformed my game. I have gained significant power on my serve and groundstrokes. I struggled with short balls and volleys now I feel like my net play is as good as any players in my league. Thank You, Bill Nealy. - Naples, FL.


This device is a great way to strengthen every part of your game. Terry W. Columbia, SC

The "EDGE" is by far the best training device on the market! You can't beat the range of free motion on cradling, shooting and passing. Get one and see for yourself. Dan H. Pittsburgh, PA

Training with the "EDGE POWER TRAINER" is the absolute best workout I have ever had hands down. 1/2 hr. of going hard with the "EDGE" and your done! Thanks, Scott! Jimmy G. Harrisburg, PA

If you think you can beat this device for training, your wrong. This is awesome. Drake B Trenton, NJ

I have been training with ny EDGE Power Trainer for a month and the results are amazing. Nathan D. Middletown, NY

This weight allows you to move freely and strengthen muscles I never knew I had until now. 5 STARS Josh K. Ashton, WV

It's a game changer for sure. Tommy D. Baltimore, MD


The "EDGE" is my favorite strength training tool I have on or off the ice. I use it 3-4 times a week and  get great results. Best of all it makes warming-up quick and gets me pumped for the start of any practice or game. Thank you Mr. Scott P. for the training regimen it's a great workout and has made a huge difference in my overall power and performance.


Tomas Denovick

It's not easy to get a kid excited about using a training device but all three of my kids go for the EDGE Power Trainer first! I have two boy's ages 13 & 15, and a girl 10 who loves using it. 

Dan G

Northbrook, IL

I used the EDGE Power Trainer for my kids all summer training and what a difference it has made in every aspect of their game. The fact that they are strength training an gaining flexibility is amazing in itself. We tell everyone about it, what a great training aid and it's fun the kids love it and use it all the time.

Bob J. 


2018 Hockey Expo. Best Buy No Questions Asked! Great product, great price and it works!

Nick & Jack Carter 

St. Cloud, MN

The design of the edge power trainer is perfect it has a low profile and it can be moved from top to the bottom of your stick easily and securely. It's made to outlast, out perform the other stick weights and it lives up to it's name! It gives you the "EDGE" and power trains you better than the gym! 

Jacob L..


The Edge power trainer has increased my passing accuracy, shooting and goals scored percentage. I have used every stick weight on the market and NOTHING compares to my "EDGE" it is by far the best product and the quality is awesome. 

Bryan Netter (DaNetter) 

Nova Scotia

Update - 8 Months My son and I use both the 5oz. and 10oz EDGE Power Trainers to practice our wrist shots and passing for 30-45 min. twice a week. We work on stickhandling 3x-4x a week. Wow, what a difference this has made in his all around game. We use the 2oz. vinyl pux for a lot of stuff so the xtra weight makes it a true on ice like workout. I hockey tape the weight toward the heel of the stick. It works great 10x better than the Sand-Bag Velcro wrap around weights! Builds strength and balance, he just turned 7 last month and has the best shot on his team, simply awesome product!
J. Vandau 

Thanks, JV for the update EDGE Pro Staff -

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