empower your tennis game



The EDGE Power Trainer for tennis is the future of tennis training.

About the "EDGE" - If you want to be the best, train with the best.

The EDGE POWER TRAINER - A simple but powerful weight apparatus designed to enhance an athletes 

power performance and stamina on the court! 

*Do NOT attempt to hit balls with the device attached, for shadow swing drills and strength training only.

A weight designed to increase power and racquet head speed during warming up or training. 

The EDGE Power Trainer helps isolate the athletes specific muscle group used during a variety of workouts, practice drills, shadow swing drills or a training regimen.

Furthermore the "EDGE" will help aid in warming up and stretching of the muscles prior to the start of a match or training session. A player will immediately feel the increased velocity in the racquet head. 


The EDGE Power Trainer builds muscle giving you more power and control on your forehand, backhand, serve and volley.

Get the "EDGE" on your opponent

The use of the "EDGE" in training will engage a players muscles by using natural tennis movements. This allows all the major and minor muscle groups to engage in tandem which is much more effective than static strength training. 

This will challenge the greater amount of exact muscles a tennis player uses.

Training with the "EDGE" will increase a players overall strength, speed and stamina.

The end result, by building a greater percentage of the muscles a tennis players specifically uses will enhance his or her power and playing performance.

The secret to getting the "EDGE" is getting one!

The EDGE Power Trainer comes in a variety of weights to accommodate all levels of players and abilities, from amuture to Tour Pro we have the trainer to fit your game.

The weight easily and securely attaches to the top of all shapes and sizes of racquets using Velcro One-Wrap Ties, with a soft side to protect the racquet frame. It's sleek non-distracting design is extremely durable and can withstand the toughest conditions. 

Put the EDGE Power Trainer to the test, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.